The Bike Shed III - LEICAT SERIES by Laurent Nivalle.

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adaar hype

And Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness.

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Kanto Gym Leaders

This is ridiculously badass and I’m obsessed.


Kissing requires a total of 34 facial muscles, and 112 postural muscles. The most important muscle involved is the orbicularis oris muscle, because it is used to pucker the lips.

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I was lucky enough to be one of the new Keepers let in today. I have finished completing my first world state, and so I’m going to share my personal favorite Keep artworks with everyone on here! The NDA allows us to post some of our favorite artworks and I hope that when everyone else becomes a Keeper, that they enjoy the beautiful art as much as I did!

Note: The art is not final.


IronFett is finished and shipped out. What an #amazing #project. But I totally hate to see it go. What do you think about seeing it done with the rangefinder?
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